Tiger Tidbits Newsletter – 03.24.24



Read about The Follies in the South Pasadenan!



TENTATIVE New Date – Saturday 5/4! The Athletic Boosters and DUDES apologize for the change and appreciate your understanding. We know this new date may conflict with some families’ plans, and the DUDES will offer refunds to attendees who cannot make the new date – please email southpasdudes@gmail.com. Thank you!


3/26 (TUE) @ 7:00PM (Zoom Link)

Our next virtual PTA General Association Meeting on March 26th is our (1) Annual Election meeting and (2) Proposed Amended Bylaws meeting.

(1) For the Annual Election, we will be electing PTA members to next year’s 2024-25 SPMS PTA Executive Board. Nominations from the floor will be taken. PTA members in good standing for at least 30 days will be eligible to vote. The PTA’s Nominating Committee has nominated the following slate of candidates for those positions that are elected:

    • President – Kelly Kwan
    • Vice President – Erik Gammell
    • 1st VP, Ways & Means – Stella Jang
    • 2nd VP, Programs – Phoenix Rodman
    • 3rd VP, Membership – Megan Gardner
    • Recording Secretary – Cindy Shin
    • Treasurer – Jenn Koca
    • Financial Secretary – Teresa Wong
    • Financial Reviewer – Maddie Chu
    • Historian – Janice Chow-Ng

Please note the positions Corresponding Secretary, Parliamentarian and Wish Night Committee Chair are appointed by next year’s PTA President subject to the ratification of next year’s Executive Board.

(2) For the Proposed Amended Bylaws, the PTA’s Bylaws Committee will propose a few amendments to our current bylaws and standing rules that generally concern logistical matters. We will be voting upon those proposals. 



The 2023-2024 Honorary Service Awards are here!
Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond to make a positive impact at SPMS? Nominate them here!

Who is eligible?
Any individual or group that has demonstrated outstanding service to the SPMS students and community during the 2023-2024 school year. Volunteers, caretakers, teachers, & administrative staff are all eligible!

When is the nomination deadline?
April 10th…so nominate TODAY!

When will the Awardees be honored?
The awardees will be announced and honored at the SPMS HSA Luncheon on Friday, May 10th at 11:45 am.

Additional information located on the above flyer. Email HSA@spmspta.org with any questions. 




The Best Things to Read in March  

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’d like to suggest several books that both focus on the advocacy of women’s rights and help us fill in some of the knowledge gaps we may have on the subject.

The following are taken directly from the School Library Journal website, and curated to meet our middle school needs. SPMS students can go on to the library catalog directly from their Chromebook by going to the link in their English teacher’s Google Classroom to see if we have the title on our shelves. If we don’t, support your local bookstore by purchasing it at Vromans’ Bookstore in Pasadena! 

continue reading to see all recommendations >>


REMINDER! Free Audio Books are available to all students!

How to check out SPMS Library audiobooks slideshow


(See All Articles HERE)


Can’t Shush This

When I first started working at my middle school, I met with an educator friend of mine who knew the place well. She was the principal at one of our elementary schools and was curious about my new position as Library Assistant. “What is with the parakeets in your library? Who on earth thought screechy birds were a good idea?” I confessed I didn’t know. But a few days into my job, they made all the sense in the world.

Most Gen X-ers like me grew up being shushed in their school libraries. But at some point between my graduating high school and returning to the world of academia many years later, it seems schools decided libraries should be a little more welcoming. My new librarian boss was fully onboard with this new approach. She would sail around the room at recess (called “brunch” at our school) and lunch, chatting up the students in her regular teacher-volume voice, picking up Jenga pieces that had come crashing down earlier or chess pieces that had flown off the table during a particularly rowdy match, floating from group to group like a feather caught in a breeze, complimenting cosplayers on their outfits and telling the quiet kids they needed to speak up, she couldn’t hear their questions. continue reading >>



Intramurals: 6th – 8th Grade: Kickball 3/11 – 3/29. Mon/Wed 3-4pm.  Your student can join anytime! All students welcome. Please check Athletic Boosters for details.

Competitive: Track & Field. Please check Athletic Boosters for details. 



🎵Announcing our Spring Concert Series! Join us for an enchanting series of musical performances showcasing the incredible talent of our students at the SPMS Auditorium. Don’t forget to stop by our bake sale and merchandise sale in the lobby! Please consider volunteering for a slot to help us make the evening run smoothly! 


5th Grade Band @ SPMS Auditorium
Monday 3/25, 5pm AV; 6PM Marengo; 7pm MHS
Volunteer Here

SPMS Band @ SPMS Auditorium
Tuesday 3/26, 6:00pm
Volunteer Here

SPMS Orchestra @ SPMS Auditorium
Wednesday 3/27, 6:30pm
Volunteer Here

Save the Date:
SPMS Choir Concert 4/10 @ 7:00pm
Music Festival 5/29 @ 5PM



Summer Opportunities Forum (watch here)
From 1/29, hosted by SPHS PTSA. Learn about how South Pasadena High School students can stay busy over the summer with on campus activities, enrichment classes in the community or just plain fun!

Parent Programming Night (watch here)
From 1/23, SPHS counselors discuss bell schedule, academic requirements and pathways (Biomedical, Computer Sciences, Art), sports, etc. for high school.

Check out the Parent Tiger Guide
A comprehensive resource of frequently asked questions about the high school.

Instagram and Onine Accounts (see list here)
Got an 8th Grader attending SPHS next year? Want to check out a game or an event at the High School? Get connected to SPHS groups.