The Follies


We are proud to report that we packed over 350 people into the SPMS theater. We presented a lineup of acts including a hilarious SNL-inspired Weekend Update (staring Mr. Lewis and Mr. Mastain); talented mom and dad musicians singing their best covers and parodies; a game show and other comedy skits featuring teachers and parents; video commercials produced by SPMS Video Production students; and dancing dads! Even the wild parrots of South Pasadena (and one errant peacock) popped in to heckle our show host. It was a magical night celebrating creativity, comedy, music, and more.

Did you miss the show? That’s okay! Video footage is coming soon. In the meantime, please enjoy a few event photos below.

We’d like to extend a STANDING OVATION to our sponsors and everyone who purchased tickets and donated. Stay tuned: we are tallying the funds raised and will soon announce the total donation to the SPMS mental wellness program.

A heartfelt special thank you goes out to Mr. Lewis and the SPMS teachers who volunteered their time on top of busy schedules to participate, and to the many talented parents without whom the show never would have been possible, especially…

Cristen Zeisler
(Committee Chair and Producer)

Brian Rochlin
(Director and Host)

Thank you again to all,


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All funds raised will benefit the NEW SPMS wellness center & mental health programs.
The SPMS wellness center is new this year and is proving to be a wonderful and much-needed resource for the students.  Let’s make sure it has continued support and resources this year and into the future.